Social Responsabilities

As a highly recognized engineering design services firm, Orthogone Technologies is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.

We promote social and environmental responsibility in the workplace. Our employees work in a balanced, friendly, and harmonious climate. As for the economic prosperity and social well-being areas, we strive to manage the company in a way that allows us to create high-quality jobs and maintain strong investment levels. In addition, Orthogone Technologies helps the engineers of tomorrow by contributing to the development and mentoring of interns from various universities. 

Our achivements

Flight Management Systems for Commercial Aircraft

Orthogone raises the bar in terms of robust, reliable, and mission-critical software. A world-leading provider of on-board and ground systems for the civil aerospace market needed to design a complete software verification system for one of his latest generation of Flight Management Systems (FMS).

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“Worldwide, there are very few companies that have the capability to help our engineers with embedded radio communications systems. We selected Orthogone for our project because we trust their expertise. Orthogone not only did excellent work for us, but they were also very flexible when it came to providing additional resources when required.”

- Fabio Concilio
Remec Broadband Wireless

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