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Orthogone Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Since our inception in 2007, word-of-mouth referrals from deeply satisfied clients have accelerated our growth. We are now a well-established and highly recognized engineering design services firm specialized in embedded systems. Today with over 30 full-time engineers and scientists, Orthogone is well positioned to serve its growing list of international clients across the telecommunications, transportation, aerospace, and defense & security industries.

Why Choose Orthogone?

Orthogone Technologies is the team you come to when you are looking for expert engineers specialized in communications and networking systems. Our highly knowledgeable team will tackle your toughest problems using their industry expertise to find solutions. At Orthogone, we become part of your team, working with you in a spirit of partnership. Your success is our success, and we achieve this by providing you with reliable and robust long term solutions. Engineering teams choose to work with Orthogone when they need:

  • Additional experienced resources to integrate and be part of an A-team.
  • Reliable expertise in embedded systems, communications and networking, and integrated hardware and software solutions. These professional skills differentiate in part Orthogone from others.

Our Approach

  • Timely and transparent communications.
  • Thoroughly detailed reasoning that leads to robust, reliable, and on-time solution.
  • Strong project management, process skills, as well as matching the suitable amount and type of resources to minimize the project risks.
  • Creative and innovative thinking leading to strong reliable solutions that provide our clients a competitive advantage.

The Story Behind Our Logo

The Orthogone logo is inspired by the Freemish crate - also known as “the impossible box”. At first glance the box looks normal but it soon becomes obvious that something is not quite right - it can be drawn but it cannot be built.

We love this story because we see it as our job: identify what is wrong and, more importantly, find the best solution to fix it. Based on our domains of expertise and deep experience in communications and networking systems, we are able to identify discrepancies before they become problems. We then apply “out of the box” thinking to robust hardware and software solutions that get the job done right – while respecting schedule and budget.

What are embedded systems?

Embedded systems are what bring intelligent features to everyday items. As the name suggests, these systems are “embedded” or integral parts of other systems (car, plane, communication device, navigation system, medical equipment, household appliances, etc.). They fulfill a specific function in real time. For example in a car, turning on windshield wipers when raindrops are detected.

Embedded systems are:

  • Systems used to solve specific and limited functions and tasks,
  • Often associated with real-time constraints tasks,
  • Composed of a hardware and a software part,
  • "Embedded" because they are part of a complete system that is not necessarily a computer.

Our achivements

Linux-Based VoIP Soft Phone for IP Public Announcement Systems

Orthogone developed a complete Linux-based VoIP Soft Phone for embedded platforms. The product supports SIP protocol, unicast and multicast channels with precise synchronization using RTCP, NTP, and PTP (IEEE802.1as) protocols.

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“Worldwide, there are very few companies that have the capability to help our engineers with embedded radio communications systems. We selected Orthogone for our project because we trust their expertise. Orthogone not only did excellent work for us, but they were also very flexible when it came to providing additional resources when required.”

- Fabio Concilio
Remec Broadband Wireless

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