Smart Sensors for Automotive Applications

One of our customers had an acute requirement to design a cost effective, highly integrated smart sensor for automotive applications. Orthogone team's initial mandate was to accelerate the software development of the smart sensor. Early in the project, the customer extended Orthogone's mandate to perform modeling and simulations. We were also asked to review the electronic design, propose alternative solutions and develop algorithms to enhance the performances of the product.

Throughout the project, Orthogone's team designed and implemented several signal processing algorithms that improved the product's performances while maintaining a very effective SWaP (Size Weight and Power Consumption) and a competitive product cost.

Despite the tight schedules and stringent requirements imposed by the end customers, Orthogone's team was able to meet the deadlines and deliver a product exceeding the performance requirements. The product was introduced to a major car/truck industry vendor in its latest generation of vehicles.


“Our project with Orthogone – the development of control algorithms of adaptive antennas for military and industrial use – was a great success. We were able to attain a 2X increase in data rates in networks using these schemes.

Orthogone has assembled the best programmers, system architects and hardware designers for embedded systems. They are top notch gurus in their field and I would recommend them to any organization in need of technical solutions.”

- François Gagnon, Ing., Ph. D
École de technologie supérieure

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