Orthogone’s engineers and scientists have a long history of designing telecommunication products. They are qualified to help from initial concepts to high-volume production. Our team provides valuable engineering design services to high-tech companies.

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Since Orthogone's inception, we have successfully delivered several turnkey products to world leading transport companies. We have forged partnerships with several of these companies. We are eager to continue to provide exceptional services and performance that will lead to one-time product delivery.

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Aerospace - Avionic

Orthogone has provided mission and safety-critical software to world-leading of civil and military aircraft equipment providers. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the development and certification standards and processes commonly used in airborne systems. Several of our engineers and scientists are familiar with radiation-hardened FPGA and Board designs for processing-intensive space systems.

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Defense & Security

Security and reliability will always be the first priority when designing equipment for government infrastructures, space flight, and peacekeeping missions. Orthogone is qualified to work on projects such as ruggedized systems, secured communications, encryption modules, sensors, surveillance systems, electronic warfare systems, data acquisition systems, and many more.

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Our achivements

Software Stack for 4G/LTE User Equipment (UE)

Orthogone is recognized as a leader in software design. Needless to say that our software engineering team likes challenges. For this project, Orthogone was involved in the architecture, design, integration, and optimization of a 4G LTE/LTE-A User Equipment (UE) System-on-a-Chip (SoC).

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"At Accedian, we use an agile methodology for the development of our products and solutions. Success with this approach requires deep technical expertise and experience, as well as strong soft-skills – the ability to communicate, adapt and instill trust among team members and various groups. 

I was surprised how quickly Orthogone was able to ramp-up and deliver results for our demanding environment. Today, Orthogone works with Accedian on everything from initial requirement specifications, design, coding and testing of feature sets. Working with Orthogone is a pleasure; because they have the right technical and soft-skills and because we believe that our success is as important to them as it is to us."

- Stephane Bonenfant
Accedian Networks

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