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Based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, this board operates with either Android or Linux and provides all the connectivity required for 4K solutions with an impressive GPU performance. Designed to be embedded inside the screen assembly, its overall height can be as low as 5 mm by providing most of the interfaces via low profile picolock connectors. Furthermore, it has everything to drive directly LVDS 4K LCD panels, saving HDMI conversion and costs.

4K display technologies are emerging much faster than HD technology did in the past decades. The price associated to these devices is decreasing fast and makes the technology affordable. Nowadays, screens are everywhere; in fast food restaurants, in airports, on bus stops… 4K displays are coming too…

4K screens provides 4 times the surface compared to HD displays. Whether you make it small and dense for crisp texture details or you make it large for distant viewing or immersive experience, the 4K solutions provides the wow that everybody is waiting for. This technology will soon be the de facto standard for quality viewing.

Embrace this new technology and blow your users’ experience!