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By joining Orthogone Technologies, you will have the opportunity to work on a rich variety of development projects in various industries. For example, you will have the possibility to work in telecommunications, transportation, aerospace, and defense & security. You will learn and master new technologies while working on stimulating technical challenges. Information sharing and mentoring are deeply part of the corporate culture. We promote an easy access to a large team of highly skilled and experience engineers and scientists.

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Junior Embedded Software Designer

Orthogone Technologies is looking for junior Embedded Software Designers wishing to make a difference. These junior candidates will have the chance to work with a well reputed team in the industry of electronic products development.

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At Orthogone we consider our employees to be our greatest competitive advantage. We have rapidly become a highly recognized engineering design services firm by ensuring that we hire only the best engineers and scientists in the industry. They can deliver world-class products and services to our customers.

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"By working for Orthogone, I have the opportunity to invest myself in the success of our clients’ projects. Just like me, Orthogone believes that helping the clients should come first. It is gratifying. When the client extends our contract, it is because of the quality of our work, not because we designed something that only us can maintained."

- Stéphane Néron

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