Employee Testimonials

“Working at Orthogone means sharing the experience of the whole team. Whether you work at a client’s facility or from the headquarters, you can always count on the vast knowledge of Orthogone’s team. This high level of expertise always brings us to face new challenges, to solve complex problems, and to master new technologies. In short, to surpass ourselves.”

Jonathan Hews

Senior Embedded Software Designer

“Orthogone is a well-managed company composed of reliable people”

Pascal Levesque

Senior Embedded Software Designer

"Working at Orthogone makes me feel like this is the big leagues. Everyday’s an opportunity to tackle the most rewarding technical challenges. Plus, being driven by product efficiency and customer satisfaction, Orthogone makes me feel I’m right where I’m needed the most. And to me, that’s what engineering is all about."

Mike Lorenz

Senior Hardware Designer

“I had never worked in a company with such a high concentration of senior employees. Since my career is still young, it is a good opportunity for me to learn and perfect my knowledge. At Orthogone Technologies, the management team really listens. As soon as I have a problem, whether technical or personal, I always have the impression that they will take the time to listen and to help me find a solution.

I never worked for a company for which it is so easy to reconcile work and family. One of the reasons I decided to work for Orthogone is because I knew their clients were from diversified technological fields. This meant I would have the opportunity to work on a broad range of projects, giving me the chance to learn a maximum of new things.

I have to admit that because it is not located downtown Montreal, it is much faster and easier for me to get to my work place than my previous employment. From day 1, I felt self-directed and I knew right away that they trusted me to accomplish the work I had to do. At Orthogone, the variety of projects is so important that it is impossible to get bored!”

Vincent Mercier

Embedded Software Designer

"By working for Orthogone, I have the opportunity to invest myself in the success of our clients’ projects. Just like me, Orthogone believes that helping the clients should come first. It is gratifying. When the client extends our contract, it is because of the quality of our work, not because we designed something that only us can maintained."

Stéphane Néron

Senior Embedded Software Designer

"Working for Orthogone means being part of an experienced and passionate team.

I have the opportunity to work in greater range of technology than before, which helps me keep cutting-edge skills.

Orthogone is well reputed at his customers’ eyes and I am proud to be part of this team."

Martin Majeau

Senior Embedded Software Designer

"What attracted me at Orthogone:
I joined Orthogone because I wanted to learn more about new companies, meet new people, new technologies. Up to now, Orthogone met my expectations.

Why I’m staying at Orthogone:
At Orthogone, we are surrounded by competent and experienced people. The strength of the team allows us to answer more easily to the client’s needs. By changing mandates, we have the opportunity to meet new people, learn new technologies and work process, enabling us to be more efficient in our work. Finally, at Orthogone, we are treated as human being, not numbers, even if the company tripled since I started working there. More, we have the regular quarterly meetings, Christmas parties… and two-thirds of the bosses are called Luc."

Maxime Larocque

Senior Embedded Software Designer


At Orthogone we consider our employees to be our greatest competitive advantage. We have rapidly become a highly recognized engineering design services firm by ensuring that we hire only the best engineers and scientists in the industry. They can deliver world-class products and services to our customers.

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